Overseas Recruitment

Recruitment Partners endeavours to assist West Australian companies through the long term job shortage by providing quality candidates from the Philippines who are: experienced, qualified, committed and hardworking candidates.

We will seamlessly deliver the best professional workforce from the Philippines, to help resolve the candidate shortage problems in the medium to long term for Australian companies.

With a population of 90 million people, Philippine workers are regarded as the most committed, hardworking and highly motivated workforce in the Asian region. Overseas labour is the biggest contributor to the Philippines GDP.

Our services include:

  •  Initial briefing with client on candidate requirements. Establishing a thorough brief.
  • International Recruitment – sourcing and selecting candidates.
  • Migration – through our qualified migration agent.
  • Employment Contract Negotiation.
  • Testing – on all required qualifications.
  • English preparation – IELTS Testing.
  • Assessment of skills.

See our detailed process in the flowchart below: