Why Use Recruitment Partners?

For the past 8 years we have worked as a traditional recruiter but no more!! As the employment market has changed significantly through financial crises, mining booms and the like so have the needs of business, employers and employees. As a result we have morphed into a consultancy that provides solutions in:

  • Recruitment – including conducting psychological appraisals, implementing onboarding programs, conducting salary reviews, developing and implementing performance management systems;
  • Career Management – including talent identification, graduate employment programs & vocational assessment;
  • Leadership Development – we will custom design leadership programs at both an individual level and team level to meet the strategic, operational and people management requirements of your organisation;
  • Training & Development – including but not limited to effective communication strategies, leadership skills, time management and organisational skills, performance management skills, stress management, conflict resolution, fitness for work, fatigue management, drug and alcohol, bullying & harassment;
  • Outplacement – change management programs and outplacement programs can be designed, implemented and managed successfully to ensure that fractures do not appear within your downsizing organisation ensuring working relations between key stakeholders remain intact.
  • Specialist HR Services – these services assist with the management and development of employees. These services add value to your organisation and assist you in becoming an ‘employer of choice’ through the support, development and management of employees.

…And this for you means?

  • You have identified a local provider capable of making quick decisions and tailoring our service to meet your needs;
  • You have identified a personnel service that offers more than just the placement of employees but one who takes an interest in their appointment, their development and your ongoing needs;
  • Paying fees that are realistic, reflect value and are totally tax deductible;
  • You have found a recruitment firm that provides value added services and
  • You have found a business partner that is based on trust and honesty in the pursuit of a mutually beneficial relationship.

For further information or a no obligation free consultation please contact us today.