Candidate Privacy Statement

What is your personal information?

Personal information is any information or an opinion (whether true or not) about you. It may range from the very sensitive (e.g medical history or condition) to the everyday (e.g address and phone number). It could include the opinions of others about your work performance and qualifications, aptitude test results and other information obtained by us in connection with your possible employment placement. Personal information includes sensitive information.


What is sensitive information?

  • Sensitive information is a special category of personal information. It is information or opinion about your:
  • Racial or ethnic origin;
  • Political opinion;
  • Membership of a political association or religious beliefs, affiliations or philosophical beliefs;
  • Membership of a professional or trade association or membership of a trade union;
  • Sexual preferences or practices;
  • Criminal record;
  • Health or disability (at any time);
  • Expressed wishes about the future provision of health services.
  • Sensitive information can, in most cases, only be disclosed with your consent.


Who will be collecting your personal and sensitive information?

Your personal and sensitive information will be collected by any employee or contractor of GSMB Holdings Pty Ltd trading as Recruitment Partners. The information will be for its own use and for those who might require access to your personal and sensitive information in connection with your employment placement.


How will your information be collected?

Personal and sensitive information will be collected from you directly from any written documentation you freely give us to access or verbal information you have shared through an interview process.

Personal and sensitive information will also be collected when:

  • We receive any reference about you;
  • We receive results of inquiries that we might make of your former employers, work colleagues, professional associations or registration body;
  • We receive the results of any competency or medical test;
  • We receive performance feedback (whether positive or negative);
  • We receive any complaint from or about you in the workplace;
  • We receive any information about a
  • workplace accident in which you were involved;
  • We receive any information about an insurance investigation, litigation, registration or professional disciplinary matter, criminal matter, inquest or inquiry in which you are involved;
  • You provide us with any additional information about you.


When will your information be used?

Your personal and sensitive information may be used in connection with:

  • Your actual or possible employment placement;
  • Our assessment of your ongoing prospects;
  • Any psychological/personality test or skills assessment that you might be required to undergo;